Our Technique

The SporeMasters technique

We’ve worked hard developing an amazing mold removal technique, which is why you’ll only find it at SporeMasters. We made it a point to scour the country talking with numerous, well-respected mold remediation firms. After gleaning best-practices, we coupled them with decades of our own experience and knowledge. Then we went in search of the best mold-removing solution that wasn’t an invasive chemical. We discovered it halfway around the globe. It’s been quite a process and well worth it, because that process is all our own. From the solution, to the system, to the experience, to the surprise on your face when you see how quickly the mold disappears – you’ll be glad you called SporeMasters. No one does it quite like us.

Steps to being mold-free.

A) Testing

If you can’t see mold but suspect it, we can test the air, using highly sensitive particle counters, and with IAQ Analytics, we will instantly measure the indoor atmosphere against ambient air quality standards. And while it won’t tell us the type of mold, which is often not needed, it will assign the air a pass/fail grade based on established standards.

B) Cleaning

Depending on the results of the air test, you can decide whether you’d like to proceed with mold removal in the air and on surfaces. This involves:

  1. Misting crawl spaces, basements, and attics with our mold and stain removal solution;
  2. Micro-cleaning in the living spaces of your home; or
  3. Fogging the whole house because mold in the air will affect an entire home without necessarily resulting in active mold growth, unless moisture is present. This is also a sound preventive measure to ensure that spores and other airborne contaminants are removed.

C) Identifying the Source

Our technicians will investigate the space to determine the source of the mold. Water, dampness or moisture is always the culprit and SporeMasters will identify the real problem.

D) Prevention

Upon identifying the source, SporeMasters may refer you to a contractor to address an issue that falls outside our scope of capability. However, you’ll find after treating an area, our process often inhibits any mold from forming again. And you can rest reassured we will never paint over an area to hide mold.

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